Logitech’s Arx Control

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One of the coolest features you can get in a gaming keyboard is a mini screen that sits at the back of the keyboard. It’s probably not all that useful, because let’s be honest: when, in almost any gaming setting, are you going to want to glance down at your keyboard for information? Probably never. But the idea behind some of the earliest gaming keyboards with this feature is that it would be pretty awesome if your keyboard and computer could talk to each other more than just by sending keystrokes.

These keyboards are expensive, of course. Not only do keyboard manufacturers need to add screens that can withstand the occasional rage keyboard slam, but the keyboard also needs to include spy on cell phone text messages free download for some beefy processing power to collect information from the PC it is connected to and render information to the screen. In all, it’s probably not really worth all the extra expense and, frankly, overengineering of what should be a fundamentally simple device.

Logitech figured out the solution to this problem. It is silly to include a bunch of complicated hardware and processing power in lots of different devices. What do graphing calculators, pocket watches, shopping lists, and mini dictionaries all have in common?

They have all become irrelevant, of course! Cell phones have replaced lots of things that used to require specialization. Since humans are generally focused on only a single task at once, there’s nothing wrong with having one device that can do a bunch of things, rather than a bunch of little devices that each do one thing.

Since smartphones are pretty much ubiquitous, and you aren’t likely to need your smartphone for anything else while you’re playing video games, Logitech replaced most of these fancy features from expensive displays on keyboards with a simple connection to cell phones.

If you use a Logitech device, like a keyboard, mouse, or headset, you probably have the Logitech Gaming Software installed. The next step is to install the Logitech Arx Control Android or iOS app and make sure you’re connected to the same network as your computer.

Now, you don’t need to own a special keyboard or even a Logitech device at all to add snazzy heads-up displays to your battlestation. New Logitech keyboards come with a mount for your phone to stand up while you’re using the Arx Control software, and the software acts as an extra screen and management console for your computer.

Let’s run through some of the features of the Logitech Arx Control app.

Like the old keyboards with screens, Arx Control can act as a second screen for games that have developed for its SDK. If a game developer wants to show extra information on your phone while you game, it’s as easy as using Logitech’s SDK to share the data with the phone, which stays connected to your computer over your local network connection.

Arx Control also lets you keep an eye on your PC’s health. One screen shows you your CPU usage, clock speed, and temperature. It also shows you GPU utilization and temperature and your total RAM consumption.

You can use Arx Control to manage your connected Logitech devices. If you have a few different DPI settings for your Logitech mouse and you want to switch between them, you can switch the Arx Control tab over to change your DPI without ever having to leave your game and open the Logitech Gaming Software on your computer.

Arx Control also has a tab to act as media controls in case your keyboard doesn’t have dedicated media buttons. This is a convenient addition for anyone, even non-gamers, who keep their phones around while they listen to music on their computers. Media keys will even work with Google Play Music, as long as you install the appropriate Google Chrome extension.

Logitech pushed out an impressive feat of engineering by building an app that creates such a seamless wireless link between your computer and your desk. Gone are the days where you need to drop an extra hundred dollars on a keyboard to see how much health you have ingame.