Spy on Text Messages: Get Your Child Through Text and Cyberbullying

Your child was bullied on text messages, and you are wondering whether you can track a text message from iPhone or Android devices. Cyberbullying is every parents’ dilemma, and more often, children would not want to tell their parents about it, trying to keep it as a secret for whatever reasons a young child has.

According to DoSomething.org, young children are at a higher risk if they are exposed to cyberbullying. These same young people are more likely to commit self-harm or develop suicidal behaviors than those that do not experience cyberbullying. About 37% of young people bullied online are between ages 12 and 17. However, bullying is not only occurring physically or on the internet. Along with social media, text messages can also be a common ground for bullies to send mean, embarrassing, hurtful, and/or untrue messages to or about someone.

There are about 9 out of 10 young people who have their cell phones in their middle school and 1 out of 5 will become victims of text bullying. Text bullying has become more common than physical bullying, especially among girls. Several factors that made text bullying more damaging than the traditional one are:

•  It can happen anytime in 24 hours, even if they stayed at home, which makes it is inescapable.

• Victims may respond with mean and hurtful messages in the intention of getting back at the bullies or those close to their perpetrators, becoming bullies themselves.

• The victim may also not know who sent the text messages, which is more frightful.

• Text messages can become more hurtful because the bullies don’t have to see their victims, thus there is no self-restraint, especially if it was sent anonymously.

Because of these factors, young victims can easily get depressed, develop anxiety, socially withdrawn, prone to violence, and may commit suicide.

You, as a parent, may be tempted to take away their phones in a way to protect them from being bullied or to punish them for being a bully, but this may deprive them of the social connections that they deemed important to them. The fear of losing their phones may be the reason that the victims don’t report text bullying at all, and bullies hide their bad activities.

Fortunately, as technology advanced, so does a parent’s way to protect their children without taking away their children’s phone, and/or without having the children lie about it when they are asked.

Several spy apps allow you to track on the text messages of your children. Good spy apps enable you to monitor devices undetected. Best spy apps enable you to monitor even without access to your children’s phones. If you are using an iPhone device and you are unwilling to jailbreak it, there is right spy software for that. With the right and safe spy app, you can now view their text messages without jailbreaking at all! It is easy-to-use and can capture more data than other competing spy apps. Even access or installing software to the monitored device is not necessary! Text messages from the iPhone or iPad will be extracted to your mobile device.

Along with tracking their messages through spy apps, you can now help your child from cyberbullying through monitoring their social media activities and even track their location by GPS.

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